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Welcome, Marietta Cardinals Youth Football & Cheer

Welcome to the Marietta Youth Cardinals Football & Cheerleading





Of the



























  1. The youth association shall be known as, “Marietta Youth Football Association Inc”.

AKA as “Marietta Youth Cardinals”






A. The objective of the Association shall be to firmly implant in the minds of the boys and girls of the Association the ideals of good sportsmanship.


B. This objective will be achieved by providing supervised competitive athletic games.  The supervisor shall constantly bear in mind that winning of games is secondary and good sportsmanship is of prime importance.


C. In the conduct of the activities of this Association the maximum benefits can be obtained by following a theme of allowing the coaches to coach, the managers to manage, and the committees to function as defined in these bylaws.


  1. To promote academic excellence as well as athletic accomplishments.



article    III



  1. The governing body of the Association shall be the Board of Directors. Their decisions are final. The past Presidents are automatically lifetime members and ex - officio members of the Board of Directors and serve in advisory capacity only. 

  2. , "The Governing Board will appoint a three person committee to review the bylaws on a yearly basis and bring recommendations to the board. Any changes, to the bylaws, must be circulated to the membership for 30 days, for comments. A simple majority vote, of the Governing Board, is needed to amend the by-laws."


  3. The board shall consist of the following selected members as listed:

  • President

  • 1st Vice President

  • 2nd Vice President

  • Program Director

  • General Manager

  • Park Manager

  • Secretary

  • Information Director

  • Cheerleading Director

  • Football Director

  • Athletic Director

  • Equipment Director

  • Team Mom Coordinator

  • Sponsorship Chairperson

  • Webmaster


  1. Election of the Officers for board positions shall take place every four years by membership. Commencing 2022 the office of president can only be elected from current board member with at least three year on the board.

  2. The Board of Directors shall conduct the business of the Association as directed by these bylaws.

  3. The collection of gate receipts for home games is the responsibility of the Board Members or assigned coaches only.

  4. The Board of Directors has the right to assign an assistant to any position in need of assistance.  The Board of Directors must approve this Assistant with the President.  An assistant to a board member is not a board-voting member.  Depending on what board position they are assisting, will be the grounds for the Board of Directors to vote if this assistant shall have a proxy vote in absence of the voting board member. 

  5. Any person holding a Board of Director position that misses three consecutive unexcused board   meetings without president notice will be dismissed of duties of the position on the Board of Directors.

  6. The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors are as follows:




  1. President


  1. The president shall also serve as chairman of the board.

  2. Shall provide leadership for the Association.

  3. Serves ex-officio on all committees.

  4. Delegates’ authority to Vice Presidents to act in his /her behalf in his/her absence.  May      delegate authority to any board member to act in his/her absence in the event the Vice Presidents are absent.

  5. Appoints special committees.

  6. Calls all board meetings and membership meetings in accordance with the bylaws.

  7. Serves as Chairman for board and membership meetings.  Prepares agenda for all membership meetings in conjunction with Secretary and/or any other member of the Association.

  8. Consults with Officers and Committee Chairman prior to each membership meeting to see that all details of the meeting are ready as planned.

  9. Preserves order throughout the meeting.  May appoint Sergeant at Arms for each meeting or as permanent position during term of office.

  10. Decides all parliamentary questions his/her decisions are subject to an appeal by two members, the majority vote of the Associations paid members attending deciding the question.  If an official parliamentary advisor is present, the presiding officers may seek his/ her opinion on any question of parliamentary procedure.

  11. Approves all orders and/or checks over of $100. 00.  President must sign written approval form.

  12. The president shall be informed of any and all situations before any director or manager makes any decisions; then exercises their authority then Shall not override duties of other Board Members and Chairman unless lack of action would place association in jeopardy.

  13. Make temporary appointments with the approval of the current Board of Directors, to fill any vacant Board of Directors position in accordance with Article VIII.



  1.    VICE PRESIDENTS (1st and 2nd)


  1. Acts as an aide to the President.

  2. Presides over meetings in the absence of the President.

  3. Serves as Player Agent for the Association.  The Player Agent has the duties of investigating suspected discrepancies reported to him/ her before, during and after a competitive event as well as those of his/her own determination. He or she is free to move about on the opposing teams' side to ask questions seeking information and make whatever reports deemed necessary to the conference for the discrepancy.

  4. Performs any other specific duties that may be provided for in the bylaws.

  5. Assumes responsibility for the administrative details delegated to him/her by the President.

  6. Assumes the duty of the President in case of his/her resignation until the position is filled in accordance with the bylaws. In the order of 1st Vice President then 2nd Vice President.

  7. Assists in the liaison duties between committees and the Board of Directors.

  8. Assists other officers in carrying out of their duties when asked to do so.

  9. Signs all approvals in the extended absence of President.

  10. 2nd vice president shall act as chairman of  the appointed committees 


  1. Program   Director

  1. Director of all programs related to the Marietta Youth Cardinals football and cheerleading                    Association

  2. Director must keep an accurate account of money made and money received.

  3. Receives and disburses all monies of the Association as prescribed in the bylaws or as authorized by the action of the Board of Directors.

  4. A financial statement shall be made to the Association yearly.  This maybe written or oral as directed by the President and/or the Board of Directors.

  5. Shall prepare a financial statement in writing once a year said statement shall become a permanent record of the association.

  6. For the protection of the association, the accounts shall be examined by an auditor yearly.

  7. Has the authority to sign all checks along with a mandatory second signature of another approved Board of Director officer.

  8. Must have a written approval process for money paid out by the Association.

  9. Director is responsible for coordinating volunteer schedule with team mom coordinator.

  10. The Program Director is the chairman of the Concession Committee.

  11. Calls the meeting to order in the absence of the President and Vice Presidents or secretary and presides until a temporary Chairman is elected.

  12. The Director must approve fundraisers involving the selling of food. The types of food items sold in the concession stand are prohibited from being sold by individual teams for any purpose. (E.g., drinks, fries, Burgers, etc.



  1. General Manager

  1. Responsible for all programs being in compliance

  2. Marketing

  3. Uniform design and procurement

  4. Make sure announcement is played at the beginnings of every game

  5. Make sure scales are certified and certification paper work in place


5. park Manager

a) Responsible for all association functions being in compliance

b) Help any director in any area that helps is needed

c) In charge of field maintenance crew, Can consist of all head coaches

d) Responsible for maintaining. Setup and teardown of field on game day

e) Responsible for coordinating cleanup schedule for each team with the head coaches.

f) Responsible for setting up game day chain crew







    1. Association Weight Commissioner

    2. Make sure all games have weight commissioner assigned 

    3. Make sure announcement is played at the beginnings of every game

    4. Assistant with all programs and other directors

    5.  Responsible for preseason games and post season games coordination

    6. Responsible for maintaining. setup and teardown of field on game day



      1. secretary


  1. Maintains an accurate record of all board meetings and general membership meetings.

  2. Records all business transacted at each meeting. The name of the person making a motion, the fact that motion was seconded, and the disposition of the motion must be recorded in minutes. Personal opinion and discussions are not included in the minutes.

  3. The Secretary may request the maker of a motion to put it in writing if the motion is long and involved.

  4. Read minutes of any previous meeting when asked to do so.

  5. Calls the meeting to order in the absence of the President and Vice Presidents and presides until a temporary Chairman is elected.

  6. Assists and/or make an agenda prior to each membership meeting for use by the presiding officer showing in order what business must come before the assembly.

  7. Provides a copy of the bylaws, minutes list of standing committees, and special committees existing at the time and any other documents and correspondence required or asked for that would be pertinent to the conduct of the business of the meeting.

  8. Acts as custodian of all records except those specifically assigned to others by the bylaws of the Association.  Promptly delivers all records to his or her successor on or before the first of January of the following year.

  9. Conducts the correspondence of the Association.

  10. Receives membership information forms and prepares membership rosters.  The membership information, copy of bylaws, registration handbook, etc given to registering members shall be handed through the secretary and the registrars as appointed.  The secretary shall maintain an updated master file of the membership at all times and furnish such information from same to any paid member upon request provided that member does not intend to use the information for commercial purpose.

  11. Shall function as registrar for the Association at the beginning of the season



  1. Cheerleading director          

  1. Cheerleading program falls under the program director while overseen by the Association President

  2. The Cheerleader Coordinator shall enforce rules of conduct during practice and competitive events, the scheduling of practice sessions and activities of the cheerleaders during competitive events.

  3. Cheerleader Director shall be responsible for intra-league communications.

  4. Shall be involved in conducting all activities (Homecoming, Camps and Competition) related to the Marietta Cardinals Association.

  5. Both the Cheerleader Coordinator and Asst. Coordinator shall be responsible for issuing the cheerleader uniforms. They are to set the dates and give the details of duties to each Team leader.

  6. The Cheerleading Coordinator will be considered a voting Board Member. Assistant Cheerleader Coordinator will be considered as a nonvoting Board Member. 

  7. Asst. Cheerleader coordinator shall carry out any and all duties in Cheerleading Coordinators absence. 

  8. Cheerleading Coordinator is Chairperson of the cheer coaches and responsible for communicating all plans and discussion by the board to each coaching staff member.

  9. Cheerleading Coordinator shall oversee that all squads are complete and staffed with coaches and team parents at each practice and game.



  1. Information Director

  1. Distribute information of the association to coaches parents and all interested parties

  2. Distribute information concerning association news

  3. Assist as registrar for registration and compile data from registration forms

  4. Public Relations

  5. Keep bulletin board updated

  6. Inform coaches, parents and kids of any scheduled meeting by the board of directors.

  7. Update website as needed


  1. Team mom coordinator

  1. Coordinate all information to team moms


  1. Equipment Director

  1. The Equipment Director must provide three quotes from suppliers before ordering any equipment and present this information to the Board of Directors for approval.

  2. He/she must keep accurate records of all equipment and assets belonging to the Association.

  3. Shall complete an inventory of all equipment and assets at the end of each season:

  4. Responsible for issuing and receiving equipment at the beginning of the season and at the end of the season.

  5. The Equipment director must coordinate distribution of equipment to teams.

  6. Coordinate with each team’s equipment dad for any and all replacement equipment.

  7. Schedule equipment collection times and dates and relay to each team.

  8. Monitor equipment room and maintain properly.

  9. Provide inventory of equipment at year’s end.



  1. Athletic director

  1. The Athletic Director should attend as many practice sessions as possible. If not all in order to familiarize himself/herself with the player’s individual requirements, equipment attention to injuries and the like.

  2. Chair the Association’s coaching staff meetings for the purpose of setting schedules for practice coaching methods and the like.

  3. Complies with conferences in setting time and frequency of practice sessions.

  4. Acts as advisor to any boy whose conduct is deemed detrimental to a team and/or the Association.  This advisory capacity is one that should be considered as secondary to that of the team's head coach.

  5. Notifies the Board of Directors, as soon as possible, of the competitive events and of the practice session schedules.  Approval by the board is mandatory.  Publication of the schedules to be made with distribution made to the coaches who will in turn distribute it to the membership of his/her team.

  6. The Athletic Director represents the coaching staff on the Board of Directors.

  7. Submits or recommends coaches for teams to the Board of Directors:

  8. The Athletic Director may recommend to the Board of Directors the replacement of a coach or coaches in the event of conduct detrimental to the purpose of the association.  Replacement of a coach or coaching staff should not be lightly considered.

  9. Responsible for maintaining, setup and teardown of field on game day.

  10. Make sure NWGYFL announcement is played before every home game


  1. Sponsorship Chairman

  1. Keep accurate records of all sponsorships

  2. Mail thank you letters to sponsors

  3. Order fence banners for all required sponsors.

  4. Make sure sponsors receive end of the year plaques.



    Ex Officio President

    a) Shall serve in an advisory capacity to board of directors

    b) Serves as Ex Officio on all committees.

    c) May attend all board meetings

    d) Retains voting rights for 1 Year.                  


  1. Webmaster

  1. Responsible for website         


         ARTICLE IV               



  1. Any member interested in obtaining a Head Coach or assistant coaches position must submit a coach’s application by the mentioned deadline to any board member. Also must provide a current criminal background in accordance with the NWGYFL by-laws. Application for coaches will be submitted to the Board of Directors by the end of November and the Board of Directors will vote for Head Coaches at the final board meeting of the year.


  2. Head Coaches are selected by the Board of Directors whose actions are final. 


  3. The coaching staff may consist of 1 head coach and 5 assistants. Total of 6 max


  4. All team fees’ due must be paid before July 1st.


  1. The Board of Directors shall confirm the coaching staff for each team prior to team’s certification these are permanent positions for one regular season only.


    The duties of the coaching staff are:


  1. The teaching of the competitive game in such a manner that the individual player will obtain a thorough knowledge of the correct method of participation whether or not the skill to compete is in fact obtained.

  2. The teaching of basic fundamentals, including the physical condition of the players, shall be foremost prior to the teaching of strategy.

  3. Equal opportunity shall be offered to each player to try out for the position of his/her choice.  The coaching staff shall obtain the player’s preference as soon as the player has been registered properly.  Tryouts will concur with N.W.G.Y.F.L. Bylaws.

  4. All Head Coaches and Assistants Coaches are expected to attend all mandatory meetings, provided reasonable notice of said meeting is given in advance. Coaches that misses (2) two, unexcused mandatory meeting per calendar year will not be eligible to coach for the upcoming season.

  5. The Head Coach is responsible for notifying the Board of Directors for any post-season bowl games. 

  6. A team's coaching staff shall have the assistance of a Team Mom and/or Team Dad, and Team Coordinator.

  7. The coaching staff of a team should ignore any comment that may be considered complaints unless the complaint or grievance is handled in accordance with Article X of these bylaws. In which a meeting will be arranged.

  8. The coaching staff shall cooperate with the Athletic Director in the practice schedules changes

  9.  The Head Coach of each team or any member of the coaching staff that he appoints shall make themselves available for any meetings called by the Board of Directors in the hearing and resolution of grievances. Board of Director will coordinate the meeting time and place that is reasonable and with adequate advance notice.

  10. The coaching staff shall be responsible for the final selection of their team and player position. They are responsible and have complete authority over the players from the time they report for an event until they are dismissed or removed by the parent.

  11. The Head Coach of a team is singularly responsible for selecting assistant coaches with the approval from Board of Directors.

  12. Coaching staff will attend Red Cross Course (contact sports) or equivalent as furnished by the Association.

  13. The Board of Directors will not tolerate any swearing, vulgarity, tobacco products, or alcohol in the presence of the children.

  14. Coaches must agree to abide by the signed Coaches Code of Ethics. 

  15. Coaching staff is solely responsible for collecting and securing their team’s birth certificates to conduct certifications with NWGYFL.

  16. Submit all applications for coaching positions to the Athletic Director for reviewing.

  17. Keep attendance roster on members of team.  If a player misses three practice days contact parents for reason of absence.

  18. Notify Athletic Director prior to scrimmage game or activities pertaining to team.

  19. The coaching staff will be responsible for assisting in the collecting all the equipment at the end of the season and returning equipment to Equipment Director.

  20. The Board of Directors recommends that Head Football Coach and Head Cheerleading Coach coordinates team activities together and cooperates as one team.

  21. All Head coaches and Assistant coaches must have criminal background checks every year. Without a current criminal background check on file with the association president, you will not be able to coach

  22. Coach must complete a mandatory reporter training class furnished by the league or association and a concussion course found on the league website  

  23. The Board of Directors will schedule all practices. Time and locations of practices will be scheduled according to our current contract of the property being used. And only specified times and locations are to be used. Frequency and length of practices are set by the North West Georgia Youth Football League.

  24.  No profanity in the presence of the children

  25.  No smoking during games, scrimmage or games in the general area of children.  No tobacco spit on practice or game field.

  26.  Practice equipment should be properly stored after practice.  Do not leave practice equipment on the field. Police Area after games and practice. Remove all trash cups and lose equipment from home and visitors stands.

  27. NWGYFL rules state that each child shall get a minimum of eight plays. Osborne Cardinals agrees with that rule. Eight plays minimum no exceptions.

  28. On game day any kid on discipline, head coach must complete a game day form signed & dated by parent before weigh-in. discipline problem should be discussed with parent before game.

  29. Coaches will be expected to follow clean up schedule and gate schedule

  30.  Coaches must not grab, yank or jerk these kids aggressively at any time, even if it’s your own child.

  31. Any coach or person deemed detrimental to the association will be dismissed my the president 


Duties of team parents:

  1. Team Moms shall handle the responsibility of coordinating a team roster,   contact information, coordinating team snack schedule, and any other team duties. 

  2. Team Dads shall assist coaches with preparing players for games, assist with equipment, and keep track of the number of plays per player. Their assistance is to relieve the coaches from these duties so that they may concentrate on coaching.

  3.  Each team should have a team coordinator to work directly with equipment director for your team.

  4. Also volunteers from your team for announcer and a field maintenance crew of volunteers are also needed.









  1. Participation may be revoked unless the following are met:

  1. Registration of player.

  2. Payment of all fees.

  3. Refrain from comments other than positive comments towards all coaches and players during practice and games.

  4. Derogatory comments toward any of the governing authority or its appointees

  5. Parents are not permitted to drop off any player or cheerleader at any practice or game.  A responsible adult of legal age must be present at all practices and games.

  6. Compliance with the Parent’s Code of Ethics.  Failure to comply will revoke participation privileges





    ARTICLE VI             



  1. The Board of Directors shall decide on all matters pertaining to the finances of the Association and as stated in the bylaws. All funds shall be placed in a common treasury.  The expenditure of funds shall not be given to any team or individual as an advantage over another.

  2. No refunds

  3. Each team’s head coach will be responsible for turning in any money from fundraisers for his/her team to the treasurer for their teams account.

  4. 50% of any sponsorship received will go to the Association, 50% may goes to a specific team or towards a participant’s sponsorship.

  5. 20% of any grant money may go to team responsible for obtaining the grant, 80% to association

  6. Sponsorship of individual’s registration fees may occur only after the team fee is paid.

  7. Each team must present invoice or purchase orders to Treasurer for any money needing to be paid out for the said team.  Treasurer will issue a check to business or head coach of team upon request

  8. Fundraisers must be coordinated through the Board of Directors and must have Board approval, in writing, prior to commencements. 

  9. Any and all contributions and the solicitation of it shall be for the Association as a whole, except as outlined above.

  10. Each team is responsible for any fines access by the league for rule violation.

  11. All spirit goods are to be sold and purchased by the Association. Spirit Goods (t-shirts, caps, etc.), bearing Osborne Cardinals or Osborne Football logo or name cannot be ordered, purchased, reproduced or sold. The ordering, purchasing, reproducing and selling of spirit goods is done through THIS ASSOCIATION. Any team mom, parent or coach selling any spirit goods or Osborne Cardinals clothing is strictly prohibited and will be subject to disciplinary action and/or expelled from the Association.

  12. All checks written to the Osborne Youth Football Assoc. Inc. are to be turned over to the association’s treasurer for deposit.









  1. Spirit Goods Committee

    1. Sale of all spirit goods

             2. Maintain a current inventory of spirit goods

             3. If the demand is great enough for a certain product to seek procurement.


  2. Webmasters Assistant

      1. Maintain website with updated information


  3. Team Secretaries

  1. Maintain records of their assigned team.

  2. Make sure records are accurate and up to date.

  3. All kids must have a current registration form on file.

  4. Any kid on a team must have an equipment issuance form for all equipment on file with       +equipment director.



      D.      Field Maintenance Crew

    1. Maintain field for upcoming games.

    2. Line field for scheduled games






      A. The Association shall hold meetings as listed below:


  1. A membership meeting shall be held as deemed necessary by the President.

  2. The Association President shall announce the time and location of said meeting no later than one week prior to the meeting.

  3. The meeting will be held whether or not President and/ or the Vice Presidents are able to attend. A presiding officer shall be determined in accordance with the bylaws and/or Robert's Rule of Order.


  1. A  Board of Directors meeting shall be held as deemed necessary by the President.  The time and location to be determined by the board members.


1.   Any members of the Association may attend any board meeting unless the board has voted to hold a special meeting.


2.   Any members so wishing to attend regular board meeting shall notify the President of said intentions.  The President shall notify the interested member of the time and location of the meeting.

 3.  Committee Chairmen are expected to attend board meetings when asked to do so by the        President, provide reasonable notice of said meeting is given in advance.


  1. The Chairman of the committees may call committee meetings and all members are expected to attend, provided reasonable notice of said meeting is given in advance.


  2. Committee chairman shall designate a member to record the minutes for meeting.  All minutes for committee meetings shall be passed on to the succeeding Committee Chairman.










    A. The governing authority of the Association and the conduct of the business and any other affairs of the Association shall be in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, Seventy-fifth Anniversary Edition published by Scott, Foreman and Company, provided the current Association bylaws, as amended, do not specify said authority.


  1. The officer who exceeds his authority as outlined in these bylaws may be made to show cause as to why authority was exceeded.  Penalty for same to be assessed by the Board of Directors.


  2. For the purpose of transacting business during a meeting of the Association, a quorum, being generally defined as number of members required to be present for the legal transaction of business, is hereby defined as the number of members present at a given meeting which is at least one-fifth (1/5) representation of the Association as a whole.


  3. A quorum for a director’s meeting shall consist of a majority of its members.


  1. Items for meeting agendas shall be in place for meeting one week prior to meeting agenda items may be communicated verbally, in writing or by e-mail to the president in advance of the meeting. Items on agenda will be discussed. Any other items requiring discussion may be tabled for next meeting.




















    A. Player/Cheerleader Participation


  1. In the event that a parent feels that his or her child is not being given an even break, the first step shall be to contact the Head Coach for that team and discuss the problem with him or her.  An alternate to step one would be to ask for a conference with the Head coach and/or coaches of the team and Athletic Director.  It is the Athletic Directors responsibility to set up such a meeting and the Vice Presidents responsibility to act as arbitrator, if required. 

  2. The direct approach to the coaches during practice sessions and/or competitive events shall not be allowed.

  3.  The loss of a parent's temper or that of coaches, whether resulting in bodily injury or not while on the practice field or playing field during competitive event and especially so as to be witnessed by the players and other children, constitutes grounds for immediate expulsion from the current event and permanent membership of the Association.  The Board of Directors shall approve such expulsion by a 2/3 vote for and notify the parties involved in writing of their decision. The membership may vote to expel one of its members by a 2/3 vote.  All formal charges shall be in writing. In the event that a parent is not satisfied by the discussions of the problem with the Athletic Director and Team Mom/Dad and/or coaches the next step shall be to file a formal charge in legible writing, to the Board of Directors.  The President shall be the receiver of such charges and shall appoint a grievance committee and chair such meeting.  The meeting shall be called promptly following receipt of such charges.  In the event the president is a party to the grievance, the Vice-presidents shall act in the same manner stated above.





    Grievances concerning other Association activities shall first be directed to a disinterested board member.  This board member shall act as an arbitrator if possible and shall call a meeting of the involved parties to seek a solution.  Thereby accomplishing step one.  Step two shall be for the filing of formal charges with Board of Directors stated previously in this Article.









    A. Player/Cheerleader Rules


  1. Any child meeting the following requirements shall be eligible for participation on a team.  Registration of new players may be closed September 15th or earlier if rosters are full per the League or Conference rules:


  2. Weight and age shall be in accordance with League or Conference rules:

  1. Weight gain shall be in accordance with North West Georgia Youth Football Conference.


  1. The child and his/her parents have registered properly.  Registration is composed of the following requirements:

  1. Completion of the membership registration packet and return of same, signed by parent or legal guardian in the presence of a delegated representative appointed by the board. 

  2. Registration fees must be paid by August 1.  Fees are non- refundable

  3. Any required fundraisers complete &Payment of all fees as listed in the membership registration packet. 

  4. Equipment deposit must be received. 

  5. Game uniforms and equipment shall not be issued until all fees are paid in full and registration packet is completed for each player or cheerleader.

  6. The Board of Directors reserves the right to take equipment from a non-member.

  7. A doctor's written statement that the child has been examined and is physically capable of participation is recommended.  Any child injured to be removed by ambulance must have doctor’s permission to return in writing before player can return. Written note from doctor must be given to association president or program director. The expense of the doctor's statement is borne by the child and his/her parents.

  8. All players must present an acceptable birth certificate that is a Certified copy and/or a Certified Abstract of Birth (Certified by an issuing Authority.) or through the Office of the County Ordinary.  The expense of this certificate is borne by the parents.


         article    XII

    .    Conduct


  1. The rules of the Association in regard to parents, players, and cheerleaders conduct are as follows:

     a. Parents of participants shall conduct themselves in such a   manner as to set examples for the children.  Any discussions pertaining to the ability of one child to another should not be overheard by the participating children.  Discussions with the Team

            Mom, Team Dad, Coaches, or Board Member in the resolution of grievances shall not be held within ear sound of the playing field, concession stand and the like.

           During competitive events the parents shall remain at least 15 feet from boundaries of the playing field or behind the crowd control fence. The shouting and/or yelling of any other than encouraging remarks to the players, coaches, field officials and any other official shall constitute grounds for expulsion form the area and by local Law Enforcement Officials required.

           Practice sessions and competitive events, players shall pay close attention to the Coaching Staff and refrain from comments other than those beneficial to the event.  Swearing and vulgarity shall be grounds for expulsion from the team.  Players waiting to actively participate shall not play among themselves such as tossing balls, rough-housing, talking with parents, cheerleaders the same. 

            In the event of injury, during practice session or competitive event, the player shallnotify the Coaching Staff and/or Director and Team Manager. The parents will be called immediately if the injury is serious.


         Article xiiI


  1. Penalty for violation of park rules and regulation will be cause for disciplinary action for the staff member/or members involved. If the park rules and regulations are not followed, disciplinary action will be enforced

    • 1st   Written warning

    • 2nd Written infraction and brought before the board

    • 3rd   Probation and/or suspension


    1. Details assigned are to be carried out by the staff members assigned (coaches and asst. coaches). The staffs members assigned or scheduled are responsible for the details being carried out. Duties not carried out will result in limiting your opportunity to coach and the disciplinary action mentioned above will be carried out may automatically carry a 1 week suspension.

    2. Any coach or team mom  that persuade, or deters parent or kids against the Marietta youth football, Osborne Cardinals or its staff shall be dismissed immediately. This conduct is deemed detrimental to the association.

    3. The Board of Directors reserve the right, after careful review, to remove any person(s), member, coach, team mom or parent deemed detrimental to the association and its objectives

      2.         Penalty for infraction of any of the above mentioned By-laws shall result in the member/or members being responsible for such action being brought before the board of director, and if found guilty, may be placed on probation, suspended from the association for (1) year, and /or fined as determined.



2. The board of director, will determine the Penalty for infraction of any of the above mentioned By-laws shall the member/or members being responsible for such action, may be placed on probation, suspended from the association for (1) year, and /or fined as determined.


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Marietta Cardinals Youth Football and Cheer

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Marietta, Georgia 30064

Phone: 678-230-5327
Email: [email protected]
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